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My Online Courses

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My Online Courses

These courses are designed for you with extreme professionalism and precision to meet your needs


The Cosmic Game

It is a course that takes you deep into the cosmic dimensions and the secrets of existence and creation.
  It is a course that connects you to the awareness of the higher dimensions and their wisdom.
If you are someone who is looking for a big shift in awareness , or someone trying to understand the secrets of existence, universal laws, and the wisdom of creation, then this course is definitely for you.

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The Devine Feminine

It is a course that connects you to your divine and innate truth, and opens for you the door and the secrets of activating your devibe feminine energy . 
The  course combines information and healing :
The course includes powerful  cleansing sessions, activation sessions, and healing with sound vibrations, in addition to the price of lectures that immerse you deep into the principles of relaxed femininity, the secrets of reception and attraction, and ways to build conscious and healthy relationships.
if you are looking to heal your femininity from shame and disgrace, or if you thinking  build a healthy relationship, this course is definitely for you.


The Secrets of 

the Mind

It is a course that reveals the secrets and mysteries of the mind and its working method. This course gives you a shortcut  to program your subconscious mind. The course is comprehensive, theoretical and applied, in addition to hypnosis sessions to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

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Healing the Inner Child

It is a therapeutic course, consisting of healing  access and reconcile with childhood traumas.
  This course carries a high level of healing power and is the best-selling course. It not only works to dismantle childhood traumas, but also separates the energy stucks in the past and redirects it to the present moment, to open  new possibilities.
we work on the course in a comprehensive, holistic way. It combines mind, body and spirit healing .

Unlock The Universe Abundance

Test your knowledge and your money believes and discover the secret codes of Money and Abundance

Coming Soon

Exclusively 5$ 

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