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About  Us

The infinite spirit voice by coach Lil

Fadwa erraihani ( coach Lil) is a certified life and awareness  coach , energy healer and numerologist 
The infinite spirit voice is the voice of creation within you , the voice of your truth and certainty , our services is designed to guide you taping into your authenticity , to channel your higher consciousness , here is your safe space to find your own voice signature , to vibrate your truth and to create your  own unique experience and to channel teaching thats serve your experience and expand your self awareness  and   Your consciousness .

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Best Value

VIP Mind Rewiring Offer



احصل الآن على كورس العقل الباطني بالإضافة إلى ثمان جلسات متابعة مع الكوتش ليل

Valid until canceled

متابعة لمدة شهرين بمعدل جلسة واحدة في الأسبوع

ثمان جلسات استشارة و متابعة

خطة علاجية خاصة فيك لبرمجة عقلك الباطني

جلسات تنويم ايحائي خاصة بك لفك الصدمات و المخاوف

Best Value

VIP Manifestation Plan



احصل الآن على خطة الجذب المتكاملة

Valid until canceled

احصل على كورس المعادلة الصحيحة للجذب و التجلي

ثمان جلسات متابعة و توجيه ( لمدة شهرين )

جلسات و تفعيلات طاقية خاصة بك

خطة جذب مثالية مصممة خصيصا لحالتك

Best Value

VIP Only Coaching Plan



احصل على جلسة استشارة و ثلاث جلسات متابعة لمشكلتك

Valid until canceled

جلسة استشارة

ثلاث جلسات متابعة

My Coaching Services

Welcome to the Infinite World Of Spirits


book your session now and get the right consultation


book our coaching monthly plan

Energy and Numerology Reading

The infinite spirit voice : Coaching services and plans


get your numerolgy reading  get clarity about your own path and your soul joureny

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get the guidance with my taro reading

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discover your akashic record

My Online Courses

Work with Us


discover the secrets of your mind, and how its works , break free from old pattrens and change your life with the magic of this course


Travel with us through the course on a deep and magical journey between the cosmic dimensions to learn about the awareness of the higher dimensions and the universal laws.

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heal your inner child

Engage with us in a deep healing journey that takes you back to the depths and roots of your childhood traumas. Powerful energetic and alchemical therapy sessions help you confront and accept your past and give you space to heal, to close the line of the past, and prepared you to receive your new version.

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